Hybrid Constructs

Work Smarter, Not Harder

What’s New?

There’s so much new stuff, I honestly don’t know what to lead with.

Unlimited sequences

16 was cool for a while, but now Chaser is a big boy and you can add, delete, move, copy and rename sequences as much as you want.


Your boy Chaser can now carve curves for days.


All user actions are undoable and redoable by hitting CTRL-z and CTRL-SHIFT-z / CTRL-y.


You can now work with different views, making it easier to work with setups where you’ve divided the stage into more slices. Because subslices are hip and you’re just that much of a creative animal.


Following in StageFlow’s footsteps, Chaser now has a fancy sidebar menu.


Changes to Resolume’s output setup no longer syncing automatically? Easy peasy. Just force a relink.

Animated outlines

Back in my mograph days, I practically lived in the Vegas effect in AE. So it’s kind of a biggie for me that I was able to recreate a realtime version of that look in Resolume.

Outliner effect

Outliner is available as an effect as well, so you can stack and blend them.

Wiper effect

Wax on wax off, Daniel-san. If you liked Outliner, you’re going to love Wiper.

Chaser and Bumper blend modes

Chaser and Bumper can also be applied as blend modes on effects. This means you can chase effect changes over individual slices rather than applied to the whole video.

Delayer effect

Delays your content in time, based on the selected sequence and delay length. This means you have full control over order as well as set the delay time in seconds or even beats.

Mask blend

A blend mode that weirdly Resolume doesn’t have natively on effects, works great with the Wiper and Outliner effects.

Random direction for Factory

Because more random is more betterer.

Optimized loading

Work on sequences without causing hick-ups in Resolume, even on ridiculously large setups.

Plus a bunch of smaller optimizations, improvements and quality of life changes.

Full details in the new and updated manual

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