Hybrid Constructs

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Canvas

In the top left, you will find the navigation controls. The zoom percentage speaks for itself, but it’s good to know that you can also zoom by hitting CTRL/CMD + and CTRL/CMD -, scrolling with the middle mouse, or two finger swiping on a touch pad. You can enter a specific amount or hit the crosshairs to fit the canvas on screen.

Selecting the hand tool will let you pan the canvas. If you’re so inclined, you can also hold down the spacebar to pan.

While we’re here, you can multiselect slices with the mouse to flip the state of the slices in the bounding box.

During multiselect, you can also use modifiers. By holding down SHIFT, all slices in the bounding box will toggle on, by holding down CTRL/CMD they’ll toggle off, and by holding down ALT, all slices in the bounding box will toggle their visibility.

You can also snake across a series of slices to flip states quickly.

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