Hybrid Constructs

Work Smarter, Not Harder


StageFlow and Chaser can be used in demo mode for as long as you like. The only limitation is a watermark displayed on your output. If you’d like to work without a watermark, you can purchase a license.


After you complete the order, open the software and open the Register menu. There you use your Hybrid Constructs account email and password to register the software. If your computer is still using the default Windows name (LAPTOP-XXXXXX or DESKTOP-XXXXX), you may want to change that something more memorable too, so you can recognize it later.

Every license can be used on 3 computers. If you need more than 3 computers, you can purchase additional licenses. Every additional license adds another 3 computers.


If you no longer need to use your license on a specific computer, you can Unregister the same way as you registered.

If the computer is no longer accessible because it was lost, stolen or damaged, you can also unregister it online. Simply hit the Unregister button on the right of the computer you want to remove and the seat will be available again right away.

Phone Home

So yeah, because of this handy online registration system, the software will need to phone home every 30 days. It does when the app starts and also when Resolume starts. Since Res has to phone home every 30 days, chances are you will never notice this.

If you are using StageFlow or Chaser on a computer that is using a Resolume dongle, there is no way to keep the software registered without phoning home. If that is an insurmountable issue for you, you can contact me for a refund via the form below.

Wait! I still have questions!

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