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Problems after updating

Just typical. You’ve updated and now Resolume crashes when trying to use Chaser, Bumper, Outliner source, Random, Tiler and Sampler. But it works fine when using Wiper, Outliner effect and Delayer. Or maybe things aren’t crashing, but you’re still getting the watermark in the plugins while the app says it’s fully registered. Wtf, Joris get your shit together!

No worries, this is just old versions of the plugins getting in the way. The fix is really simple:

  • Close Resolume and Chaser
  • Delete all the old Chaser v3 plugins from Documents/Resolume Arena/Extra Effects
    • FFGLChaser
    • FFGLBumper
    • FFGLOutliner
    • FFGLRandom
    • FFGLSampler
    • FFGLTiler
    • (when in doubt, if you don’t have any other plugins besides Chaser or StageFlow, you can just delete everything in the folder)
  • Now start Chaser
  • Then start Resolume

All done. No more crashes. No more watermark. Easy peasy

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