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What is Pulse?

Pulse is a self-correcting tap tempo tool. Not only does it detect the bpm, it will also keep it sync with the beat.

After tapping the tempo once, it stays aligned to incoming audio. As you know, manual tapped tempo usually drifts off quickly. While other automated BPM detection algorithms may give you the right BPM, they don’t necessarily stay on beat. Pulse applies advanced BPM analysis and rhythm detection to keep track of the BPM but also the beat position, keeping it in perfect sync with the music.

Pulse has been developed with VJ, laser and lighting applications in mind, but of course Pulse can be used for anything that needs beatsync. Pulse outputs the tempo via Ableton Link. This means all applications and devices that support Link can be kept in sync with Pulse.

Tap and watch the magic happen. Pulse locks onto incoming audio and all Link-enabled applications automatically stay in sync and on beat.

Quick Start

  • Launch Pulse.
  • Select your audio input.
  • Press the TAP button 5 times in sync with the beat that is playing. Pulse will now track your beat. Assuming your input audio has a rhythm, the edges will turn green indicating that Pulse is aligned to the music
  • In any application that supports it, enable Link.
  • Sit back and enjoy BPM sync. Well don’t sit back, focus on the important stuff; creating an awesome show. Just don’t worry about the BPM anymore.

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