Hybrid Constructs

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Uh. How about AlL OF ThE ThiNGs?!>!?

New GUI #

Damn StageFlow I want to take you home and snuggle up to those muted pastelly purples.

Undo/Redo #

CTRL/CMD-z if you did a booboo and CTRL/CMD-SHIFT-Z if undoing the booboo was in fact the real booboo.

Inspector #

You will vill out ze numbers with ze highest of prezision.

Manage registrations online #

Log in with your email and password. Remove your license from computers that you lost access to.

New List view #

Hide, lock and select your slices and Focals

Rearrange and rename Looks #

Go ham on the order and names, while maintaining visual consistency in Resolume

Copy Looks and Focals #

Alt drag in the list all day every day

Looks can be faded #

Because you asked for it

And probably a bunch more that I’m forgetting right now. Just hit that download already…

Wait! I still have questions!